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Training Companies

English Language Lab – Schools and Skills

Our English Lab covers the CBSE school curriculum and employability skills.  We have special courses with a focus on industries such as hospitality, health and wellness, and retail.  Students learn in class through role plays and videos and then practice online or through our companion app.

We also offer a range of English certificate programs from BBC

These offerings are available through Liqvid EnglishEdge.

Technology – Fully supported, hosted LMS and learning apps

We enable our training partners with technology.  Our platform has hosted over a million learners and earned several awards.  More than 20 large training companies rely on Liqvid for their technology needs.

Custom Apps.  We build learning apps for training companies who want to combine their classroom experience with online.  Our apps are highly engaging and integrate role plays, videos, voice recognition, games and assessment.  Our customers use our apps both for learning and student acquisition.

Learning Management System (LMS).  Our LMS is best for individual learner management.  Our solution supports both classroom and online learning.  We have a wide range of features including live learning, scheduling, teacher management and reporting.  You can select the features you need for a solution to meet your needs.  The LMS is a hosted solution available on all platforms.

Technology Support.  We provide a helpdesk for customers who need to have their learners and teachers supported.

Content Services

Along with our technology services, our content services help our customers fully leverage their classroom content.  We work with you to understand your business and develop your content strategy.  Our capabilities can then help you extend your reach and engagement with your customers.

Interactives, 2D/3D Animation, Games.  We add value to the learning experience outside of the classroom by creating engaging content.  We develop such content for many publishers and training companies.

Content Conversion.  Classroom materials frequently exist as pdfs and powerpoint presentations.  Some of this content needs to be available to learners as elearning materials.  We use our custom tools to do this conversion efficiently.