How to become master of English

The most important thing that you need to learn a new language is passion. You need incredible amount of enthusiasm and emotional power to learn English. Remember you have to be obsessed with English in order to excel in it.

In order to communicate in English fluently, studying for a couple of hours each week is just not enough. The best way to gain fluency is by spending as much time possible practicing every day. You need to listen to, read and say whatever you have to in English. The only way forward is by immersing yourself in the language. You have to make English a part of your daily life.

Remind yourself all the time why you need to learn the language, what are your aspirations and how not knowing the language is an impediment towards achieving your goals.

Expose yourself to English all the time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – in every possible way. Listen only to English songs, watch only English news channels or entertainment shows, read books or newspapers or online material, but only in English. In your period of learning, do not get distracted by any input that comes to you in any other language.

Do not waste time trying very hard to study grammar or vocabulary. Today, experts believe that active, contextual grammar is more effective than formal structural grammar. Spend all your time listening and reading – grammar and vocabulary will naturally follow.

Another key to success is by starting to think in English. We usually think in our mother tongue and then translate our thoughts to English. Instead, start thinking in English and stop mentally translating sentences into English. It may be difficult in the beginning, but the more you practice and train yourself, the better you will get at it.


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