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Event Management Services

We provide our clients with Event Services that helps them to focus on the content and delivery of training while we take care of all of the logistics and facilitation services. We plug and play our services seamlessly, giving our client the flexibility to control the flow of training.
Our Event Management Services includes:

Virtual Classroom Facilitation Services
Virtual Classroom Facilitation Services

We believe that education must function through interaction, where interaction is a two-way communication process between the instructor and the participants, including practice and performance. Traditionally, this would happen with the physical presence of participants in a classroom scenario with instructors employing pedagogical techniques. The classroom training has their own set of constraints.

Growing technology and advanced instructional concepts have helped in overcoming these constraints effectively while providing a learning experience of the same or higher quality. With Liqvid’s virtual classroom and lab solutions, we are able to offer an integrated solution to address the clients’ learning requirements. We analyse needs, create content, provide training and guidance for instructors, and facilitate sessions, to provide a complete classroom experience to learners.

With years of expertise in this domain, our team efficiently manages end-to-end delivery of live training sessions spanning global audiences and works closely with the client’s learning and Development team to fulfill the specific training requirements.

Large Scale Face-to-Face Event Services

Liqvid enables organizations to meet their training requirements by offering end-to-end training event coordination services. With over nine years of experience in providing services to a few Fortune 500 technology company, we have handled over 3000 events with average training duration of around 2-5 business days.

Our team take cares of these large scale events providing end-to-end services including but not limited to activities like event planning, venue and supplier sourcing, attendee registration, accommodation, operations & logistics and budgeting and reporting. Our client works with assigned and delegated managers who ensures that all the needs of client are met and they can focus on the proceedings of events.

Large Scale Face-to-Face Event Services

Global IT company providing Technology & Enterprise Products, Solutions & Services

Challange: Due to client’s global presence, they had a large spent on training development and classroom based training. They started virtual classroom training however they had logistic challenges to manage these trainings.

Solution: A Center of Excellence was formed that had trained professionals in training event facilitation services with excellent command over spoken and written communication. We worked with regional leads to structure the training delivery calendar and facilitated their virtual training events. We have facilitated over 10000+ Training events over past several years with batch size ranging from 20 to 500.

Global IT company providing Technology & Enterprise Products, Solutions & Services

Challenge: Global large scale events across globe was a big challenge for the client and specifically when the audience came from across the globe lack of effective communication always caused misunderstanding thus leading to unpleasant experience.

Solution: We collected information from the various geographies and collated into a searchable database across various categories of information. After a thorough understanding of their requirement, a consolidated database was created along with detailed process. A team of trained Event Managers were aligned to execute and facilitate the program. The entire process was streamlined and the efficiency of the team resulted in saving of 17% on the budget spent.