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Administrative Management Services

We understand that there are a lot of administrative services within an organization. There are many administrative services and we can provide excellent support in some of such areas. Our Administrative Services includes:

  1. Learning Administration Services
  2. Last mile Quality & Testing Services
  3. Release Management Services
  4. Website & Intranet Management

Over the years working with global clients, we have expertise that allows us to provide the best-in-class services in these areas.

Learning Administration Services

Learning Administration Services

Our Learning Administration Services helps our clients in management and administration of their learning ecosystem. Our team specializes in Learning Administration services and that allows us to use years of experience to implement best practices while providing support to our clients.

For our clients we propose to setup a Centre of Excellence that allows them to work with dedicated team with an experience SPOC. With each client, we identify, configure document and manage relevant processes to provide rock-solid learning services. As a part of our process we have various touch points with client at different level to report the status of services and also to understand if there are any changes / enhancements needed to client services offering.

Range of Services:

  • Offerings Management (ILT, WBT, VC Facilitation & Assessments)
  • Assessment Creation & Management
  • Course Management using client specific LMS
  • Managing Learner Transcripts
  • Tracking and Reporting Services using tool
  • Analytics and reporting covering course usage, learner progress, assessment & certification etc.

Last mile Quality & Testing Services

Digital publishing is a rapidly growing field. There is increased demand by Learning Content Providers, Publishers and Universities to serve their technologically savvy customers. At the same time speed of delivery and quality of content is an important aspect too.

We provide some of our large customers with support in quality reviewing and testing services. We understand their existing processes and requirements, identify specific process where we can provide review and testing services. Some of our Quality & Testing services offers a set of services that includes:

  • Functional testing
  • Course testing
  • Content mapping
  • Edit and proof reading
  • Media & video testing
  • Audio testing
  • Accessibility testing
audro platform
Release Management Services

Release Management Services

Release Management is primarily one of the most important activities within any kind of delivery in the Digital world. Whether the organization focuses on development of a software product or a learning product, release management is often ignored leading to delays and issues in the releases.

We work with large publishers and content providers and have offered them release management services. Release Management Services that we offer include services offering within client infrastructure but through a seamless process and best practices that we have identified over many years of our experience. Our Release Management services offering includes:

  • Release Policy & Communication
  • Release Planning
  • Release Process & Guideline (Hardware & Software)
  • Communication Process and Plan
  • Development-Staging-Production Release Plan
  • Archival Process

Website & Intranet Management Services

Intranet or Internal Portal is a great way to not only keep in touch with internal employees but also allows them to form communities, share learning and manage knowledge base.

With our Website and Intranet Services, our clients can focus on the content and messaging. Our team of experts take care of the entire messaging from designing to production and programming. The benefit available to clients include improved productivity, self-sufficiency, higher level of collaboration and communication, and ease of information gathering and publishing.

Website & Intranet Management Services